Grandpa thought the Earth was flat. Mom thought time was linear. They were both wrong. As you know surfaces are deceptive. By distorting the topography in front of you, an endless voyage becomes possible. You are trapped on the surface of a sphere. There are no consequences, only sequences radiating outward from the present. There is no destination or disintegration, only transient collisions of visual and temporal tantrums.

By wrapping the surface of a book around the skin of a planetoid, we have created an infinitely transgressible 2-dimensional surface, constructed from broken moments and disarmed recollections. All images exist in fixed positions within a continuous grid, allowing for cyclical navigation in any one of the four directions.

This continuing exploration of Time Maintenance magnifies the temporal hedonism of liberated energy. Discard the weight of accumulated lines, and allow the radioactive decay to erode the pulse of mass produced time.