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Presented here are >LESS Logs, each a varied format for documenting individual synthetic sites that have been thoroughly explored, additionaly studied, and distinctively interpreted beyond being just a place of litter.

Capital 2 Capitol Flotsam
(October 2012)

Collecting plastic beach debris during a canoe trip from NYC to Washington D.C.

Plumb Beach Channel: Investigating the Contemporary Taphonomy of Synthetic Debris
(December 2011)

An archaeological survey and data collection exercise of littoral objects. (co-created with S. Schwartz)

Piles Plus
(November 2011)

Mapping piles of refuse across 294 square kilometers of foreign terrain. (navigable only with mozilla firefox or google chrome browsers)

Synthetic Tumbleweeds in the North American Food Desert
(October 2011)

Studying trash as evidence to diet/health habits in Paterson, NJ. (co-created with D. Reitsma)

NYC Lighter Log
(June 2011)

A collection of plastic cigarette lighters found washed ashore on New York City coastlines and beaches over the course of 10 months.

Museum of Synthetic Preservation
(October 2010)

Information booklet about the recently established Museum of Synthetic Preservation at Poorman's Paradise. (co-created with L. Gerson)

A B C 's of Newtown Creek
(July 2010)

An alphabetic journey through the mysterious synthetics found floating within this infamous canal.

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